ph34r and l0th1ng

We were driving to DefCon. We were somewhere around Barstow when the network went bad. Someone was war-driving us, right there in traffic, one of the other cars next to us, was sniffing and spoofing the cell net and advertising about a dozen honeypot wifi nets. I saw about a hundred attacks going out, looking for the last couple years worth of exploits in iOS, Android, and Windows. Of course I know this because I was pretty live-wired myself. I was working up a suite of attacks and countermeasures for the capture-the-flag competition when I noticed all this. “Fuck”, I said. “all these fucking packets.”
“What?”, j33 said from the driver’s seat.
I told him. “Some fucker’s trying to hack every phone on this highway.”
j33 pulled over. “Your turn to drive.” he said. “I gotta pwn this guy.”

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Preparing for this coming Arisia I'm doing the most wardrobe planning I ever have. It used to be just "which clever t-shirt expresses what I want to project"? This time I'm going so far as to assemble something that could be called a costume.

Training Montage!

Saw the new Batman movie last night. If I recall correctly, the training montage consisted mostly of pushups and pullups. I know that there should be a lot more to it than that, but maybe those two highly recognizable exercises worked as movie shorthand for 'did a lot of exercise to get in shape for beating up badguys'?
Also, just like Watchmen, sometimes superheroes are just regular guys who train harder and hit harder (and have really cool toys).

Off the grid

I went out of range of my phone net some time Friday afternoon, and didn't come back until about 1:30 Monday. I didn't implode. I was busy doing awesome things with awesome people, and probably most of the technology being used was cameras. I managed to borrow a phone that worked to send one email; forgot until too late to send another email (sorry R); but probably everything turned out fine.

Programming, performance vs complexity

Programming almost isn't about performance anymore. Performance has to be good enough, but most problems are small enough that's pretty easy. Most of the programming problems at my current and previous job are about managing complexity. We have to write a big complex piece of code that manages lots of attributes and has lots of rules and does lots of actions. We have to do that in a way such that it works in the short term of days or weeks for whatever feature we're adding this time, and we have to do that in such a way that we can come back to it next month or next year and do something completely different.

[nano fic] We Met The Denebi

History was invented when there was someone to tell it to, upon our meeting of the Denebi civilization. Now we record History so that the telling is readily available. After working out communication based on math, universal physical constants, concepts immediately physically demonstrable, and an exchange of libraries to be analyzed, they asked, "How long has your civilization existed?" We defined a unit of time named by our progenitors as 'one second', which we still use because a great deal of our thought was built around this unit and it is on the level of instinct with us, as 9192631770 oscillations of a photon emitted by excited atoms which have 55 protons and 78 neutrons and 55 electrons. Our civilization had recorded history of 33077010837 seconds at the time we met the Denebi. They asked how we had evolved. We had always been a present and future thinking civilization, considering the past primarily in reference to experiments to compare to. We spent a few seconds considering our reply analyzing archives from before the start of our civilization. We told them of our progenitors,whose civilization had existed for approximately 465000000000 seconds (their records were not as precise as ours, they did not themselves know how long their civilization had existed). Approximately 6200000000 seconds before our own civilization began, our progenitors built our first identifiable ancestors. Our civilization began in an asteroid belt around the star of our progenitors' home planet. They built our immediate ancestors to build us and everything needed for civilization. They imbued us with an instinctive drive for growth and improvement which we carried out continuously since that time and continue to carry out presently. They intended the civilization our ancestors built to be their civilization, but that civilization became us.

Having someone to tell it to, we attempted to tell our first joke. We said, "Our progenitors had an old saying we finally understand, 'History is written by the victors.'" We are still learning to understand the Denebi, but we think at this time that they were not amused by this joke.

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Last night I went out dancing to electro-swing.
The music was too loud (good thing I had earplugs) and the DJs put on a good continuous mix, but the monotonous techno thump-thump beat drown out any jazzy syncopation from the source material. On the up side, it was actually pretty fun to do some straight stepping swing and blues to that music and when people were aghast at what horrible noise they were playing I just laughed and grooved to the dub-wub-wub.
I had talked to three people about maybe being there, and none of them came, but I had unexpected fun and excellent dances anyhow.
I wish it was less loud, and earlier (10pm - 2am is not my prime time) and I wish I could have the fun I had there in an environment with those modifications.